Bad service at Decathlon in Berlin

Having moved to Berlin last summer, I’ve decided to buy a simple city bike at Decathlon. After reading several positive reviews, Btwin Elops 100 was my choice – it’s cost € 169 at Decathlon.

After using the bike for short rides in the city for about 6 months (~4 months I was traveling), the back wheel axle has broken last April. Since I was told I had one year warranty, I brought the bike on the 17th to fix it and I was quite happy it promised I could take it back on the 20th.

Unfortunately, that was not the case. When I went to get my bike this day, nothing was done and it was told me the service center should be consulted. After that, I was informed the wheel size was between 26” and 28”, not sold by Decathlon, thus it should be sent to the service center, but to fix the bike wouldn’t take more than 1 week

On the 25th of April (my birthday, what a good gift!), I’ve called Decathlon to check how was it going and if there was any day when I could get my bike. The bike still wasn’t sent to the service center – without further explanation, only that the same explanation that the wheel size was not produced by Decathlon and they could not fix the bike themselves, so the bike should be sent to another city. They also told me I would be informed by e-mail every single step of their service so that I could know when I’d have my bike back, what didn’t happen.

Again, I was promised my bike wouldn’t take more than one week. I called back on the 2nd May and, for my big surprise, the bike wasn’t sent to the service center! For this, I had to write a negative review at Decathlon page for this particular product, which I actually liked, although the problem with my wheel, which I think was just an accident.

The answer to my review was that it could take 2 to 3 days, but only May 8 I got an e-mail saying the bike was still in the service center. On May 9, after replying to this email on the previous day asking some concrete feedback on what was happening to my back and when I could get it back, I decided to call again on the late afternoon. The staff who picked up the phone was the same person who sent me the email on the 8th. He seemed embarrassed with the situation and would call me back yesterday, what didn’t happen, and believed the bike would be ready on Friday or Saturday.

I don’t know what to do and unfortunately, I even don’t know well my rights in Germany, but I definitely would never expect that mainly when I’m used to some really bad services in Brazil and I was always told the opposite about German companies – my first concrete experience is quite the opposite!